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Top 3 Schools to Study Design in the USA

The QS World University Rankings by Subject was Released in March 2020. It provides students with an unbiased list of two hundred establishments considered to be the best for a student to study design and art all over the world.
This ranking relies on four objective factors:
- Academic reputation of the school;
- Employer reputation;
- Research citations per paper by the school;
- And finally, the index to measure a scholar’s or a scientist’s published works and overall productivity (H-index).
Particular factors may be different in their weight for the final rank of the school. Design and art faculties rely exclusively on two reputation markers (employee and academic ones), without taking citations and indexes into account.
Here below, I’ve got three top schools to study design and art in the USA. Check it out if you consider applying for such faculties in the future. And yes, if I were you, I’d find professionals able to do my homework for me beforehand. You never know what will come in handy during your studentship years.

Parsons School of Design

This school provides every student with the possibility to gain all the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in a modern world of quickly developing and changing reality. The school has a well-organized collaboration with industry partners, communities and peers in NYC and all over the planet. The school is a worldwide known center of business, art, and design.
The perfectly developed and interconnected design-specialized labs, students studying here discover worldwide phenomena while being engaged in the process at various levels, scales, and sites. This includes everything starting from research activities and initiatives based on the school campus, and ending with particular partnership programs causing significant development and real change around the city and the planet.
In 2020, the Parsons School of Design is the US best place to study design and art.

Rhode Island School of Design

The second best school for designers and artists is Rhode Island School of Design (aka ‘RIZ-dee’ because of the RISD acronym used). The school has been existing since 1877. It is among the most prospering, famous and, of course, oldest educational establishments studying design and art all over the United States.
The school accepts more than two thousand students from different countries yearly, and provides them with the possibility to receive the studio-based and creative education. Here, applicants can count on education with top-notch programs for bachelor and master diplomas in almost 20 majors devoted to art education, design, architecture, and fine arts.
Location: Providence, Rhode Island. The local art scene is featured and special. Moreover, the comfortable location right in between New York and Boston that definitely are main centers of US culture, is also exclusively exciting as it provides perfect opportunities to widen every student’s outlook and develop their talent.
RISD has been acknowledged as the design and art education pioneer and leader since the day it started educating creative and extraordinary students. Becoming one of them in 2020 is a great honor opening huge perspectives.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Who said “tech” universities don’t teach creativity? The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is the top-3 best school for designers and artists all over the country.
In addition to technology and science knowledge advancing, MIT also strives to boost the creativity of students with top-quality education programs and the use of a well-developed network of partnerships with the leading colleges and universities from all over the world.
Since its opening in 1861, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology grew from a tiny group of enthusiasts and people solving problems willing to bring new skills and knowledge to Americans and humanity. Decades passed, and now MIT is considered to be the best educational establishment in the world. And its design and art majors are among the most outstanding programs throughout America.